Inpatient Subacute Rehabilitation

Spectrum Health Rehabilitation and Nursing Center Inpatient Subacute Rehabilitation Program

Man holds hand of woman in wheelchair

Our six Rehabilitation and Nursing Centers offer short-term rehabilitation after surgery, serious injury or illness. We help patients with many different medical needs and conditions, including neuro recovery and treatment following stroke and brain injury; rehabilitation after elective total joint surgery or complex orthopedic surgery; reconditioning following severe illness; post-cardiac and medically complex care; and rehabilitation for general needs.

Is inpatient subacute care what I need? Or is it inpatient acute?

Inpatient rehabilitation means that a person will stay on the rehabilitation unit while receiving care, including physician and nursing care, therapy services, and support from other care team members. 

It can be confusing to know what the best level of care is for you and/or your loved one. Inpatient rehabilitation has two different levels of care: “acute” and “subacute” rehabilitation. Each level of care has different qualifying criteria and offers care that will compliment your rate of recovery and will provide you with the specific services you need to get back to your highest level of independence.