Women's Health Network

Women's Health Network

Healthy! Where to start? So many magazines, books, television shows, and celebrities are telling us women how to be why is it still so hard to do? Our doctors show us charts and tell us to lose weight. We then buy the latest books on how to lose weight, what foods to eat, and how to exercise...and still do not reach our goals? Why do we let ourselves get buried in the daily routine and just buy bigger jeans? It is hard, that's why!! 

Every woman has her own solution. We alone know what is hard for us, but we need help to put together a plan. Being fit and healthy is like starting a business. We must start with a dream. Is it to run the 5/3 River Bank Run? Not wanting to age like our mother did? Or is it to feel sassy in a new dress? Everyone wants to feel good, but how many are in touch with the specifics? The solution is inside; it just has to be uncovered.

The Spectrum Health Medical Group Women's Health Network can help you uncover answers to these questions and show you the path to women's wellness. 

Diana Bitner, MD: Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging, Managing Menopause:

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