Are You at Risk?

Know Your Personal Stroke Risk Factors

Stroke affects people of all ages, ethnicity and backgrounds. Fortunately, experts say 80 percent of strokes are preventable. Knowing—and successfully managing—your personal risk factors can help decrease your chances of having a stroke.

 My Stroke Risk Scorecard

Click on the button above to use the Stroke Risk Score Card. Print a copy of your results and talk to your doctor about ways you can improve your health and lower your chances of having a stroke.

There are two types of risk factors for stroke: those you can change, or manage, and those you can’t. Stroke risk factors you can't change include your age, gender, and race, your family history of stroke, and your personal history of stroke.

There are other risk factors that you can control. Take steps now to prevent stroke by following these healthy lifestyle guidelines:

Spectrum Health offers classes and events that can help you lower blood pressure, reduce stress, manage diabetes, lose weight, eat healthier and exercise to reduce your risk and prevent stroke!

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