Neurovascular Care

Advanced Neurovascular Care

Spectrum Health has one of the most experienced and highly skilled neurovascular team in the region. Neurosurgeons and interventional neuroradiologists specialize in endovascular procedures. These minimally invasive procedures are completed inside the blood vessels of the brain and spine to correct conditions such as:

Highly Specialized Neurovascular Care 

  • First in West Michigan to perform non-surgical embolization, or coiling, in addition to surgical clipping, to repair brain aneurysms 
  • Fellowship-trained skull base neurosurgeon 
  • Area's largest team of highly experienced interventional neuroradiologists
  • Two primary Stroke Centers which have held national certification longer than any other in West Michigan
  • First in West Michigan to use state-of-the-art mechanical devices that break up and remove blood clots from the brain
  • West Michigan's only Neuro Critical Care unit to provide specialized care and support for patients recovering from neurovascular surgery

Learn More: Neurovascular Procedures 

 Carotid Endarterectomy / Carotid Angioplasty with Stenting Podcast: These procedures treat carotid artery disease. One removes plaque that has built up in an artery. The other inflates a tiny balloon in an artery to compress the plaque.

 Endovascular embolization, or coiling, podcast: A minimally invasive treatment that uses a small catheter to insert platinum coils into the blood vessel to block blood flow to the aneurysm.

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