Cold & Flu

Cold & Flu

Flu Shots Are Now Available

Contact your Spectrum Health Medical Group primary care provider to make an appointment to receive the vaccine.

Did You Know?

  • More than 100 different viruses cause colds. 
  • On average, children catch colds and the flu more often than adults. 
  • Colds and the flu are caused by viruses, and viruses do not respond to treatment with antibiotics. 
  • Although colds and the flu have to run their course, there are treatments that parents can use to help ease discomfort in their children. 

Our prevention and medication tips can help you and your family avoid colds and flus, and recover quicker if you do come down with one.

Links for More Information

Kent County Health Department – What You Can Do to Stick it to the Flu

Ottawa County Health Department – About Seasonal Flu – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Flu Information – U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services Flu Information

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